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The best

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Adjustments ain’t easy

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He’s real pretty

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"It actually doesn't look like meagan cut her hair, the bottom looks way too thin, it looks like she put some of it up/is under her hat possibly?"
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Yeah, it’s probably under her hat and actually it looks that way because now it’s layered 

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"haha i'm so glad youre back! i missed your posts so much"
↳ asked by blastadiamond

Oh, thanks! but I’m Patricia, one of Laura’s bff and I’m running the blog while she’s working, so technically she’s not back yet!

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"Dumb question, but how can you even see what their current house looks like?"
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You can see in that pic Meagan uploaded on her IG some days ago that is not the same room as always, but a different one with the same furniture though. I mean, their old house is sold, it’s clear that they moved. 

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"Did Meagan cut her hair or is it pulled back with strands down in the front? It looks really pretty but just yesterday she posted the pic about her hair with the selfie and it was long and blonder."
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I don’t think she cut it, I think it’s just layered! 

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"your blog is a blessing thank you for having it ahh"
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Aww, thank you so much, you made my day! <3

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"Hey so I found this video of Pete and Meagan, and I didn't see it in your /tagged/video so I figured I'd send it here: www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=HZebRIx6QjQ"
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Hello! Thank you so much honey♥︎

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"wait do her and pete really have their septums pierced or was that just a joke with a fake piercing?? i hope they're real because they both look good as hell i mean pete with piercings hot DAMN and meagan's nose just looks like it was MADE for it"
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They both had their septums pierced when they were teens! There are a few pictures of Meagan when she was “Scene” where you can see hers!

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